2016 NCPA Summit & Elections

2016 NCPA Summit & Elections

With nearly two dozen attendees and well over a dozen ensembles represented, our 2016 Summit was the biggest and best yet. Read below for key take-aways from the summit, as well as the outcome of the 2017 Board of Directors elections.

Event Flow

  • NCPA will be reviewing our venue’s performance areas to ensure ensemble flow is as efficient as possible
  • The T&P judge will continue to “run a tight ship”
    • The preceding ensemble needs to be safely clear of the performance area before the interval timing clock starts
    • Ensemble staff may dictate when the interval timing clock starts if their ensemble is lined up and ready to go before their scheduled interval start time
    • Once the interval start time has been reached the T&P judge has the final say when the interval timing clock starts. If the show is running late please be prepared to move with a sense of urgency

Event Performance Order

  • Regular season (non-championships) event performance order will now be based on date stamp (not time stamp) with the latest registered groups going on first. Any units with the same date stamp will have a randomized order for each show. The postmark will serve as the date stamp for ensembles that cannot pay online.
  • Championships order will be seeded based on highest current-season score. Additionally, ensembles who have competed at an NCPA event in the current season will receive 1 “bonus point” per performance. Example: Main Street HS attends shows 1, 2 and 4, and has a best score from show 4 of 82.7. MSHS will therefore have a seeded score 82.7 + 3 (shows) = 85.7. Any units attending championships as their first show will be ordered by registration date, latest first. Units with the same seeded score and date stamp will be randomized within the seeded slots in which they fall.

Registration Deadline and Schedule Distribution

  • All NCPA events will have a 3 week registration deadline. This means 3 weeks before each event, registration for that event will close. This includes I&Es.
  • Tentative show information will be provided on an as-available basis. No later than 2 weeks before each event, NCPA will publish a formal/final schedule.

2017 Schedule

Show 1: February 4 (California HS)
Show 2: February 25 (TBA)
Show 3: March 11 (Dublin HS)
Show 4: April 1 (Mountain House HS)
Championships: April 8 (James Logan HS)

Key WGI Dates: March 4-5 Fresno, March 25-26 San Bernardino, April 20-22 Dayton World Championships

2016 – 2017 Election Results
Below are the results of the June 2, 2016 elections. NCPA runs on a July 1 – June 30 calendar year so the new board members will officially take office on July 1, 2016. We’re still actively looking for a Director of Events – this is a very important role. If you or anyone you know would be interested in assisting in this capacity please contact us at info@nc-pa.org.

  • President – Rob van Loben Sels
  • Vice President – Lane Armey
  • Secretary – Angela Mendoza
  • Treasurer – Jennifer Bauman
  • Co-Treasurer – Chris Carrasco
  • Awards & Sponsorship Coordinator – Casey Brohard
  • Judge Coordinator – Kohei Mizushima
  • Media Director – Wade Quinn
  • Director of Education – Erik Brown
  • Director of Events – Open

Amanda Tsukamoto will be joining us and Alex Basa and Rachel Oldani will continue on as operational members. Alex will be supporting NCPA with his merchandising efforts and Amanda and Rachel will be on our event support team. Please join me in welcoming the new folks to the team and thanking those who are staying on with their continued support.

NCPA would also like to recognize two people who are moving on who have done great things for our organization and through it, for you and your students.

Nate Bourg, founding board member and past president, is stepping away to focus on his career. Nate, NCPA would not exist had it not been for your and the other founding board members’ vision. Thank you for what you’ve contributed to the Northern California percussion community, your impact will continue to echo for years to come.

Marina Blankenship, having supported us for the last three years as our judge coordinator, is handing the reigns over to Kohei Mizushima. Marina, without you we would not have had the outstanding judges we’ve had for the last 3 years. Your time and energy investment into NCPA events is clearly evident by scrolling through our event details and making note of the top-notch judges at each show.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication!