I&E Competition FAQ

I&E remains one of our favorite events during the season. We encourage as many students as possible to put their skills on display for our community while receiving great feedback from our judges. This year, we’re limiting I&E to solos and duets only. Small Ensembles larger than 2 performers are welcome to submit their work to any one of the Virtual Showcases.

Register for I&E here.
Read more about our NCPA 2021 Season offerings, including Virtual Showcases here.
Read more about our NCPA I&E Competition details here.
Read on for a collection of FAQ’s for our I&E Competition.


What is I&E?

I&E stands for Individual and Ensemble, and is an opportunity for students to perform and get judge feedback on solo or duet content that they’ve been working on outside of their winter percussion program. Students may either perform a written work or write their own. This year, we will be hosting the event virtually, with students submitting video performances ahead of time for broadcast.


When is I&E? What is the deadline to register? When is the video submission deadline?

I&E’s will be broadcasted on YouTube Live on Saturday, March 13.
Registration opens on Feb.1, and will remain open until March 6.
Video submissions are due by March 6.


Who qualifies to participate in I&E? Does my school have to participate in a Virtual Showcase for me to qualify for I&E?

Everybody may participate in I&E regardless if your school participates in the Virtual Showcase


How much does it cost to participate in I&E?

The registration fee for I&E is set at $15 per performer, per performance. This fee will be payable via PayPal (credit/debit card) at the time of registration.


I’m unable to pay the registration fee. Are there any scholarships available?

NCPA understands there may be some financial impact on our community at this time and is offering a select number of scholarships for students who may have difficulty affording this registration fee. If you are in need of financial support, please find more information with the I&E rules.


I don’t have access to my drums. Can I submit a practice pad video?

Yes! We recognize not all performers will have access to full instruments. Practice pads and muted surfaces can be used and will not be counted against your score or placement.


What if my small ensemble is 3+ members?

This year, I&E will only be for solo and duet performances. If you have a small ensemble with more than two performers, you can submit to any one of the Virtual Showcase events.


What is a backing track? Are they allowed?

A backing track is an electronics play-along track which some I&E performers have used in the past. This year Due to copyright restrictions, backing or play-along tracks of any kind may not be used. Any submissions including a backing track will not be aired on our broadcast.


How can I obtain the proper streaming licences for my I&E submission?

NCPA requires all participants to comply with US Copyright Law regarding performance and/ or use of arrangements of copyrighted music, visual images and other materials, as well as the use of copyrighted audio, spoken text and display of copyrighted words and images.

This year, Tapspace has waived its synchronization license fees for online I&E performances. You can obtain a free license by filling out this form here


How many I&E’s can each student submit?

Performers are allowed to perform in more than one category, but only once in each solo category.


What are the categories for I&E submissions?

I&E submission categories include snare solo, quad solo, mallet solo, wind solo, drumset solo, general percussion (piano, timpani, electronics), rudimental percussion duet, mallet duet, wind duet, and composition.

If you have a small ensemble with more than two performers (ex. Bass, Cymbal ensembles), you can submit to any one of the Virtual Showcase events.

We’re proud to also be offering a new Composition category to this year’s I&E competition. (See I&E Rules for more info)


What is the Composition category? Who should submit?

The composition category is an opportunity for students who are creating their own written music. They will be adjudicated on the strength of their composition, and can submit either a recorded or computer generated audio file.

Battery and mallet percussionists who plan on writing and performing an original composition should still submit to their respective performance categories. If you wish, you can submit an original composition in both performance and composition categories.


What are the requirements for I&E submissions?

Min solo/duet time: 1:30 minutes. Max solo/duet time: 4:00 minutes

All submission must be a “one-take” recording with no audio/video editing.
For duets submissions each performer may make a “one-take” recording and combine audio/video.


How will my I&E submission be judged?

I&E submissions will be adjudicated by WGI-caliber judges who will provide the performer feedback via a personalized judge tape, sheet, as well as a score out of 100. Scores will be announced during the I&E broadcast on March 13


Are there prizes for I&E winners?

NCPA is working with our sponsors to develop prizes that help our young performers. Our offerings may be limited at this time.