Registration FAQ

Registration for events starts on November 1st, 2022 at 12:00pm through your group’s dashboard on See below for details.

How much does it cost to register for a show?
The registration cost for each “regular season” show is $250. This is our first price increase since 2019 and is necessary to help offset rising judge travel costs. Payment can be made at the time of registration, or via check if payment is received at least 24 hours prior to the event.

When can I register for the upcoming season?
Registration opens at noon PT, November 1st, 2022. Registration for each event closes three weeks prior to the show date, with final schedules made available on each respective show page shortly after each event’s registration closes.

What are the benefits I get from coming to an NCPA show?
Each NCPA show is designed to provide the best possible experience for the performers and their staff. Shows occur on Saturday evenings, and include different panels of judges from all over the country. Instead of traditional trophies, ensembles are rewarded with gift certificates and equipment from leading percussion companies. Educational clinics are provided at all shows free of charge, Raffles are sometimes held providing all competing groups with access to additional prize opportunities. Click here for more reasons to attend an NCPA show.

How is performance order determined at NCPA shows?
Performance order at all events except for NCPA Championships is determined by registration date, with the earliest registering ensembles in each class performing last. If multiple groups register the same day, there is a random draw to determine performance order among those ensembles.
Performance order for NCPA Championships is seeded based on highest current-season score. Additionally, ensembles who have competed at an NCPA event in the current season will receive 1 “bonus point” per performance.
Example: Main Street HS attends events 1, 2 and 4, and has a best score from the 4th event of 82.7. MSHS will therefore have a seeded score 82.7 + 3 (events) = 85.7. Any ensembles attending championships as their first event will be ordered by registration date, latest first. The order for ensembles with the same seeded score, or registration date stamp if championships is their first event, will be randomized.

Who can attend NCPA shows?
NCPA shows are open to marching percussion units, concert percussion units, as well as marching winds units. Both scholastic and independent groups may register. Groups may self-select into 5 different levels: Jr, Regional A, A, Open, and World Class.

How much does it cost to attend NCPA Championships?
The registration cost for NCPA Championships is $400.

What is the experience like at NCPA Championships?
For the second time – and first time since 2019 – NCPA Championships will be held at Stockton Arena, in downtown Stockton, California. Stockton Arena is a 12,000 person professional hockey and basketball arena. Besides being one of the premier winter percussion venues in the entire country, NCPA Championships offers a double-panel of top-notch judges from all over the country, a full awards retreat, and much more. Significant improvements from 2019’s event are underway, including expanded parking, better lighting, and general admission ticketing.

Why does attending championships cost more money?
The cost for NCPA Championships is higher for two main reasons:

  • NCPA incurs a significant fee to rent Stockton Arena and the surrounding parking lots
  • There are twice as many judges as a “normal” season show. The full double panel significantly increases judges fees and travel, which are offset with the higher registration cost.

What is the value in having a double panel?
The double panel allows units who only attend championships a fair read, regardless of performance order. Units will receive commentary and scores from eight judges, instead of the standard four judges. During annual NCPA Summit meetings this has routinely been one of the most sought after perks.

What are the benefits of an NCPA Membership?
An NCPA Membership is a way to pre-pay for a number of NCPA benefits at a deep discount. The Membership Fee for 2023 is $200, the same cost as 2022. Benefits include:

  • Five additional passes for every show you attend – excluding NCPA Championships. This is in addition to the 10 staff/volunteer passes already provided. These can be used for additional staff members or for parents and support staff. As a reminder, everyone entering the arena must have a ticket or staff/spectator pass. (If you’re attending all 4 non-championships events this alone is around a $300 value!)
  • Two additional parking passes for every show you attend – excluding NCPA Championships. This is in addition to the three parking passes already provided to participating ensembles for each show. Vehicles without parking passes will park in spectator parking.
  • Preferred critique times. NCPA Member Groups will have the opportunity to sign-up for preferred critique times at shows.

Can I purchase additional staff passes or parking passes for NCPA Championships?
YES. This year we are offering a Championships PLUS pass for $100. This includes 5 additional staff/volunteer passes plus 2 additional parking passes. With the cost of admission to NCPA Championships estimated at $40, and the cost of parking near the stadium estimated at $15, purchasing the PLUS pass is a tremendous value at $100.

How does registration work this year with Competition Suite?
Registration will be done using CompetitionSuite. In order to ensure show registration goes smoothly for your group, read the following instructions.

  • In order to register your group for events, you must have administrator access to your group. Please read this in order to find out how to gain access to your group.
  • If your group is new to NCPA or if you can not find your group, please send an email to with your group’s name, location, division (PSRA, PSA, PSO, PSW, etc.) and your email address. Once we’ve created your group, you’ll receive an email from CompetitionSuite confirming your access to the group.
  • After you have been granted administrator access to your group, you will need to register for a NCPA Membership or register as a NCPA Non-Member using this link. You will also have the option to purchase a Championships PLUS Pass at this time.
  • Once you have registered for a NCPA Membership or registered as a NCPA Non-Member, you will be able to register for events starting on November 1st, 2022 at 12:00pm through your dashboard on Please see this help document on how to register for events within your group dashboard.
  • Each group can only buy one (1) PLUS Pass.
  • When purchasing a NCPA Membership, PLUS Pass, or registering for an event, you can either use a credit card or mail NCPA a check. If you are mailing a check, choose Invoice when deciding on payment. Print out the Invoice and mail it along with the check to the address on the Invoice.
  • If you have questions about CompetitionSuite, please email

Can I share input/feedback on the season?
Yes! An end of season survey will be sent to all participating groups at season’s end. An annual summit meeting will be held in May/June 2023 with participation open to anyone wishing to attend. Topics will include shows, venues, judges, and the overall direction of the activity and the circuit.