Virtual Showcase FAQ

Virtual Showcases are intended for all ensembles (Percussion or Winds) to participate, regardless of parameters set by school districts for in-person, cohorts, or online learning. No matter what your program is doing this season, virtual showcases will have multiple benefits for your students. Ensembles will have the option to participate competitively or in exhibition.

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Read on for a collection of FAQ’s for our Virtual Showcases.


What are NCPA Virtual Showcases?

Virtual Showcases are internet broadcasted shows intended to give all ensembles (Percussion or Winds) an opportunity to share their work. Ensembles will have the option to participate competitively or in exhibition.


How much does it cost to participate in Virtual Showcase events?

Registration fees will be $50 per competitive and $30 per exhibition submission. Ensembles with multiple video projects may submit multiple entries.


For Ensembles who participate competitively, how will we receive feedback?

Ensembles who register as competitive will receive a judge tape(s) from a WGI-caliber judge(s), as well as a “festival” style ranking (e.g. good, excellent, superior). Rankings will be sent privately to the ensemble director for all events except the Championships showcase, for which rankings will be posted publicly.


Are there multiple divisions for Virtual Showcase?

There will be no class divisions for ensembles in the Virtual Showcase. Ensembles choose to participate competitively or in exhibition.


Can I submit different material for different shows?

Absolutely! NCPA recognizes that every program’s virtual season is unique. You can submit the same material for each show, or something completely different.


Can I only attend Championships? Do I need to attend multiple events to qualify?

Ensembles can participate in as many or as few showcases as they choose. There are no qualifiers to attend the Championships showcase.


Are there prizes for competitive ensembles?

NCPA is working with our sponsors to develop prizes that help our ensembles. Our offerings may be limited at this time.


How can I obtain the proper streaming licences for my Virtual Showcase submission?

NCPA requires all participants to comply with US Copyright Law regarding performance and/ or use of arrangements of copyrighted music, visual images and other materials, as well as the use of copyrighted audio, spoken text and display of copyrighted words and images.

You can find help getting licenses here – JW Pepper Copyright Info

This year, Tapspace has waived its synchronization license fees for virtual solo/ensemble performances. If you’re planning to use Tapspace material, you can obtain a free license by filling out this form here.