NCPA Mission Statement: The mission of NCPA is to provide a competitive and educational performance outlet for Northern California indoor percussion ensembles, with a continual goal of enriching the lives of young performers. NCPA commits to delivering the best venues, hosts, adjudicators, clinicians, sponsors, and volunteers in tandem with contributing to this mission.

NCPA = Maximizing the Participant Experience

For the students…

  • Inviting, comfortable, exciting performance opportunities in prime-time
  • World-class percussion & movement clinicians
  • Recognition from great judges, crowds, and the NorCal percussion community

For the staff…

  • Mix of WGI judges and their peers from all across the US, with critique at every show, and a double-panel at NCPA Championships
  • Professional communication and show-day operations
  • Awards, prizes, and raffles that benefit/re-invest in their programs
  • Opportunities to connect with other instructors to foster growth in the NCPA community

For directors…

  • Events built with percussion & wind players in mind; to maximize their potential
  • Tools and encouragement to graduate up the ranks leveraging the WGI class philosophy
  • Regional A Class for developmental ensembles just dipping their toe in the activity
  • Networking opportunities for staff, design, equipment, and materials

For the parents & support network…

  • Well-organized show schedules, communication, and operations
  • See their kids perform in the best possible venues, never in the mornings
  • Opportunities to share and learn from other ensembles

For the host…

  • Large fundraising opportunity through ticket sales and concessions
  • No hosting fees, judge fees, travel costs, or award costs
  • Turnkey show operations with dedicated NCPA event coordinator

For Northern California…

  • Shows designed in the WGI model to benefit groups of all classes from all regions, plus the addition of a Regional A Class
  • Locations strategically placed throughout the Bay Area and Northern California
  • A marquee championships event to pull everyone together to celebrate the 2023 season

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